Niphotrichum sect. Elongata

(Bednarek-Ochyra) Bednarek-Ochyra & Ochyra in R. Ochyra et al.

in R. Ochyra et al., Cens. Cat. Polish Mosses, 138. 2003,.

Basionym: Racomitrium sect. Elongata Bednarek-Ochyra Fragm. Florist. Geobot., Ser. Polon. 2: 94. 1995
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 27. Treatment on page 289. Mentioned on page 286.

Plants small, medium-sized to robust, green, olive or grayish green distally, brown. Leaves ovatelanceolate, lanceolate to triangular, sharply keeled to narrowly canaliculate in the distal part; costa in most leaves unbranched or only occasionally forked in some leaves, extending to three quarters of the leaf length to percurrent; leaf cell papillae tending to relatively small and inconspicuous in the distal lamina.


North America, Europe, temperate Asia, Atlantic Islands


Species 6 (4 in the flora).

Section Elongata is fairly homogeneous. Its members are readily recognized by their leaves, which are sharply keeled to narrowly canaliculate or canaliculate-keeled in the distal part, and their costae, which cease mostly at three quarters of the leaf length or are subpercurrent to percurrent and are generally undivided at the tip.

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1 Leaf margins recurved to 1/2-3/4 of the way up the leaf. Niphotrichum muticum
1 Leaf margins recurved to the apex > 2
2 Plants small; leaves 1.5-1.8 mm long; costa not grooved; laminal cells opaque, coarsely papillose, yellowish; alar cells forming a small and weakly inflated group; awns absent papillae or only faintly papillose at the base Niphotrichum pygmaeum
2 Plants medium-sized to large; leaves 2-3 mm long; costa lying in a shallow or deeper furrow; laminal cells coarsely to slightly papillose, mostly transparent, not yellowish (except the base); alar cells forming a conspicuous and distinctly inflated group; awns mostly coarsely papillose > 3
3 Supra-alar cells elongate, thin-walled and not sinuose, forming a transparent marginal border; awns erect-flexuose when dry, not or indistinctly decurrent, faintly papillose to epapillose in the distal part Niphotrichum ericoides
3 Supra-alar cells short, thick- and sinuose-walled, not forming a translucent border; awns recurved when dry, conspicuously decurrent, coarsely papillose throughout. Niphotrichum elongatum
decurrent +  and inflated +
Ryszard Ochyra +  and Halina Bednarek-Ochyra +
(Bednarek-Ochyra) Bednarek-Ochyra & Ochyra in R. Ochyra et al. +
capillaceous +
flexuose +  and straight +
epapillose +  and papillose +
denticulate +  and not decurrent +
nodulose;oblate;quadrate;elongate +
divided +
Racomitrium sect. Elongata +
2;3;2;numerous +
papillose +
linear-subulate +  and tuft-like +
undifferentiated +
naked +, plicate +  and smooth +
lobed +, lacerated +, mitrate-campanulate +, mitrate +  and cucullate +
small;large +
smooth to somewhat +  and sulcate +
obloid;cylindric +
thick-walled +, sinuose +, not sinuose +  and thin-walled +
yellowish +  and hyaline +
quadrate +  and rectangular +
enlarged +
3-stratose;2-stratose;branched;entire;percurrent +
subpercurrent +
North America +, Europe +, temperate Asia +  and Atlantic Islands +
thick-walled +  and sinuose +
lanceolate +  and triangular sharply keeled +
muticous +, acute +  and rounded-obtuse +
long-subulate +
piliferous;obtuse;acute +
cribrose +  and perforated +
lanceolate;linear +
in R. Ochyra et al., Cens. Cat. Polish Mosses, +
yellowish +  and blackish red +
sinistrorse +  and erect +
papillose +  and smooth +
short to long +
ornamented +  and smooth +
globose +
Niphotrichum sect. Elongata +
Niphotrichum +
section +
divided +
brown;grayish green;olive;green +
medium-sized;small +