(R. Brown) J. Smith

J. Bot. (Hooker) 4: 58. 1841.

Common names: Golden polypodies
Etymology: Greek phlebos, vein, referring to the prominent venation
Basionym: Polypodium sect. Phlebodium R. Brown in J. J. Bennett et al., Pl. Jav. Rar. 1: 4. 1838
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 2.

Plants epiphytic. Stems creeping, branched, not whitish pruinose, 8–30 mm diam.; scales concolored, lanceolate, not clathrate, glabrous, margins dentate. Leaves monomorphic, widely spaced, not conspicuously narrowed at tip, to 130 cm. Petiole articulate to stem, dark-brown, round in cross-section, with 2 adaxial grooves. Blade ovate to elliptic, not pectinate, pinnatisect with broadly winged rachises and rounded sinuses, with fewer than 20 pairs of segments, glaucous, usually glabrous, scales absent; rachis glabrous. Segments linear to lanceolate, margins entire, apex rounded. Veins free near margins, well developed near costae, highly reticulate, usually with 1 row of costal areoles extending from vein to vein without included veinlets, and with a series of elongate, polygonal areoles with 1–3 excurrent included veinlets meeting at apices, and similar areoles closer to margin of segment mostly without included veinlets. Sori on veins, transverse, 2 in each major areole on included veinlets, circular to oblong; indument absent. Spores tuberculate. x = 37.


Tropical regions, North America, Mexico, West Indies, Central America, South America


Species 2–4 (1 in the flora).

Lower Taxa

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Clifton E. Nauman +
(R. Brown) J. Smith +
Polypodium sect. Phlebodium +
glabrous +  and glaucous +
not pectinate +, ovate +  and elliptic +
Golden polypodies +
Tropical regions +, North America +, Mexico +, West Indies +, Central America +  and South America +
Greek phlebos, vein, referring to the prominent venation +
elliptic +  and cordate +
monomorphic +
narrowed +
0 cm0 mm <br />0 m <br /> (130 cm1,300 mm <br />1.3 m <br />) +
J. Bot. (Hooker) +
duncan1954a +, lellinger1987a +, proctor1985a +  and snyder1986a +
not clathrate +
lanceolate +
circular +  and oblong +
yellowish +  and transparent +
pruinose +
not whitish +
0.8 cm8 mm <br />0.008 m <br /> (3 cm30 mm <br />0.03 m <br />) +
few;numerous +
verrucose +  and tuberculate +
Phlebodium +
Polypodiaceae +
anastomosing +
pendent +, arching +  and erect +