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  • A sea-nymph in Greek mythology, allusion obscure  +
  • Aboriginal name in French Guiana  +
  • Abridged from Greek Staphylodendron, ancient name for the genus  +
  • After John Torrey (1796–1873), distinguished U.S. botanist  +
  • After the Swedish botanist E. Tillands, 1640–1693  +
  • Alexander’s rock aster  +
  • Alluding to Mohave River  +
  • Alteration of genus name Lasianthus  +
  • American Indian assimin through French asiminier  +
  • An ancient name or, perhaps, derived from generic name Gnaphalium  +
  • Anagram of Allium  +
  • Anagram of Inula, name of another genus of Asteraceae  +
  • Anagram of Myginda, to which these species had been referred  +
  • Anagram of generic name Arabis  +
  • Anagram of generic name Lasia (now Forsstroemia), alluding to similarity  +
  • Anagram of generic name Malpighia  +
  • Anagram of generic name Mitella  +
  • Anagram of generic name Stenotus  +
  • Anagram of genus name Pterogonium  +
  • Anagram of specific epithet salmantica  +
  • Anagram, for Thomas Smith, English microscopist, died ca. 1825  +
  • Ancient Arabic name  +
  • Ancient Celtic name for plant known to Druids  +
  • Ancient Greek asaron, name of an unknown plant  +
  • Ancient Greek name for plants of the genus  +
  • Ancient Greek name used by Theophrastus for plant used to curdle milk  +
  • Ancient Latin name for bramble, from ruber, red  +
  • Ancient Latin or Greek plant name  +
  • Ancient name for an endive-like plant, attributed to Pliny  +
  • Ancient name for fleabane  +
  • Ancient name, perhaps from Greek malache, mallow  +
  • Apparently from Chinese name for one of the species  +
  • Apparently from an African vernacular name  +
  • Arabic alloeh, a name for these or similar plants  +
  • Arabic assthirak, name for type species, S. officinalis  +
  • Arabic lufah, name for L. aegyptiaca  +
  • Arabic mouz  +
  • Arabic name doronigi  +
  • Arabic name qaqulleh  +
  • Arabic qartam, safflower  +
  • Arabic ribas, rhubarb, mistakenly applied to currants  +
  • A mythi-cal hermaphrodite monster, in reference to the original inclusion in Menispermaceae, where it was the only genus with bisexual flowers  +
  • A name mentioned by Dioscorides, presumably for a plant now referable to Senecio or a related genus  +
  • Alluding to imagined resemblance of leaves or fruits to those of a fig, Ficus carica, erroneously thought to be from Caria in southwestern Asia Minor  +
  • Alluding to the Tamaulipan Desert region, to which the species is restricted  +
  • America plus orchis, from the American distribution of this close relative of Eurasian Orchis  +
  • Ancient Greek name for horseradish, or perhaps Celtic ar, near, mor, sea, and rich, against, alluding to habitat  +
  • Ancient Latin name used by Pliny, probably corruption of barbascum, bearded, alluding to dense tomentum, or barbarum, medicinal plaster, alluding to use of some species  +
  • Arabic melóchich, name for Corchorus olitorius Linnaeus, a salad plant in the East  +
  • Arabic name alkemelyeh, perhaps alluding to alchemists' interest in reputed marvelous powers of its dew  +