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A list of values that have the property "Habitat" assigned.

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List of results

  • 0–2300 m  +
  • 650 m  +
  • Abandoned dwellings, along paths, in meadows  +
  • Abandoned fields, marshes, roadsides  +
  • Abandoned fields, roadsides, lawns  +
  • Abandoned gardens and cemeteries, well-drained short grasslands  +
  • Abandoned gardens and disturbed sites  +
  • Abandoned homesteads, meadows, roadsides, pastures  +
  • Abandoned homesteads, roadsides, meadows, riparian zones  +
  • Abandoned plantings, disturbed sites  +
  • Abandoned plantings, roadsides, edges of bogs, waste places  +
  • Abandoned plantings, roadsides, thickets, waste places  +
  • Abandoned quarries, ditches, marshes, wet forest edges  +
  • Above fjords  +
  • Abundant in hollows and floating mats in raised bogs and poor fens  +
  • Acid bogs or seeps, flatwoods and savanna  +
  • Acid clay or sandy soil in disturbed places, stream banks, ditches  +
  • Acid rock  +
  • Acid rock or sandy soil  +
  • Acid rock or sandy soil in rock crevices  +
  • Acid seeps and springs, high mountains  +
  • Acid soil, semishaded or open woodlands  +
  • Acid soils in deciduous forests, with Kalmia and Rhododendron  +
  • Acid to neutral waters of ponds, lakes, and occasionally streams  +
  • Acid waters of lakes and streams  +
  • Acid waters of ponds, lakes, bogs, and streams  +
  • Acid, gravelly or sandy disturbed soil, ditches  +
  • Acid, gravelly or sandy disturbed soil, path banks, stream banks  +
  • Acid, gravelly to sandy soil along trails  +
  • Acid, sandy disturbed soil, path banks, stream banks  +
  • "Shrubby plants forming a dense thicket on the slope of Bolinas Ridge above Stinson Beach" (J. T. Howell 1970)  +
  • A common weed in grassy places: lawns, roadsides, pastures, open woodlands, wastelands  +
  • A commonly grown rock-garden and wall plant, often escaping onto roadsides, riverbanks, old fields  +
  • A pioneer species, bare clay, sandy or gravely soil banks, wooded clearings, trails, roads and other often disturbed habitats  +
  • A range of soils, fields, woods and usually wet grounds, along water courses  +
  • A wide variety of habitats from desert, cliffs, talus, and moist shaded areas under aspen, junipers, or pinyons, often in riparian habitats  +
  • Abandoned agricultural fields, fields, roadsides, disturbed sites, trash heaps  +
  • Abandoned fields and waste areas, roadsides, and open woods, in disturbed, often sandy soil  +
  • Abandoned or naturalized in thickets, forests, fields, fence edges, shores, roadsides  +
  • Abundant in coniferous and deciduous forests, especially in forest margins  +
  • Abundant in poor fens and raised bogs, forming dense carpets at water level, especially on floating mats  +
  • Acid or neutral substrates at summit of cool, shale talus slopes, and on granitic cliffs and outcrops  +
  • Acid sandy flatwoods, sandy shores, swales in pinelands, bog edges, coastal plain  +
  • Acid soils, open dry or rich woods, laurel and rhododendron thickets, cove forests  +
  • Acid swamps to moist broadleaved forests, especially along streams, in ravines, or near springs  +
  • Acid swamps, bogs, seepage slopes, pocosins, streamheads and baygalls, wet pine flatwoods, moist pine or pine/oak forests, hummocks, shrub balds  +
  • Acid, gravelly or sandy disturbed soil, path banks, stream banks, peaty soil  +
  • Acid, oligotrophic waters of lakes, ponds, ditches, and streams, usually in shallow waters but to 2.5 m deep  +
  • Acid, relatively humus-rich soil, alpine tundra, stream banks, path banks  +
  • Acid, relatively humus-rich soil, alpine tundra, stream banks, path banks, heavy metal mine tailings  +