C. Presl

Tent. Pterid. 189. 1836.

Common names: Strap ferns
Etymology: Greek kampylos, curved, and neuron, nerve, in reference to the venation
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 2.

Plants epiphytic. Stems short to long-creeping, branched, 2–10 mm diam., sometimes whitish pruinose; scales brown, ovate, often clathrate, entire. Leaves monomorphic, tufted, conspicuously narrowed to tip, to 150 cm. Petiole absent or present, articulate to stem. Blade linear to lanceolate or elliptic, simple, glabrous, sparsely scaly, margins entire; scales clathrate, basifixed. Primary-veins connected by 1–several secondary-veins (cross-veins), forming 1–several areoles between each pair of primary-veins, areoles with 1–4 excurrent veinlets, sometimes these excurrent veinlets dividing areoles completely. Sori in 1–10 rows between midrib and margin, terminal on included veinlets, discrete, round; indument absent. Spores verrucose to nearly psilate. x = 37.


Tropical, North America, Mexico, West Indies, Central America, South America


Species ca. 25–50 (4 in the flora).


1 Primary veins obscure and slightly to strongly curved; blades generally less than 6 cm wide. > 2
1 Primary veins conspicuous and straight to slightly curved; blades generally more than 6 cm wide. > 3
2 Blades more than 2 cm wide, margins shallowly sinuate to undulate, not revolute; areoles in 4–8 series between costa and margin; petioles always present. Campyloneurum costatum
2 Blades less than 2 cm wide, margins revolute, not shallowly sinuate to undulate; areoles in 1–4 series between costa and margin; petioles present or absent. Campyloneurum angustifolium
3 Petioles absent to ca. 9 cm; blades yellow-green, margins entire and plane to lightly undulate. Campyloneurum phyllitidis
3 Petioles 5–18 cm; blades dark green, margins undulate. Campyloneurum latum
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Clifton E. Nauman +
C. Presl +
linear +  and lanceolate or elliptic +
Strap ferns +
Tropical +, North America +, Mexico +, West Indies +, Central America +  and South America +
Greek kampylos, curved, and neuron, nerve, in reference to the venation +
elliptic +  and cordate +
monomorphic +
narrowed +
0 cm0 mm <br />0 m <br /> (150 cm1,500 mm <br />1.5 m <br />) +
Tent. Pterid. +
not adaxially +  and grooved +
eaton1906a +  and lellinger1988a +
clathrate;clathrate +
basifixed +
discrete +
yellowish +  and transparent +
pruinose +
0.2 cm2 mm <br />0.002 m <br /> (1 cm10 mm <br />0.01 m <br />) +
few;numerous +
verrucose +  and tuberculate +
Campyloneurum +
Polypodiaceae +
anastomosing +
pendent +, arching +  and erect +