Niphotrichum sect. Niphotrichum

Synonyms: Canescentia Kindberg Racomitrium sect. Canescentia
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 27. Treatment on page 286.

Plants medium-sized to robust, green, olive or grayish green distally, brown to blackish proximally. Leaves elliptical, ovate to ovatelanceolate, broadly canaliculate to obtusely keeled in the distal part; costa distinctly branched or forked in most leaves, extending to mid leaf or three quarters of the leaf length; leaf cell papillae comparatively large and conspicuous in the distal part of the lamina.


North America, Europe, arctic and temperate Asia, Atlantic Islands (Iceland)


Species 2 (2 in the flora).

Section Niphotrichum is best characterized by fairly short costae that usually extend to 1/2–3/4 of the way up the leaf and often imperceptibly merge with the laminal cells. This results in the shape of the distal parts of the leaves, which are broadly canaliculate to obtusely carinate in profile as clearly seen in transverse sections. In addition, the costae are distinctly branched or forked at the apex in most leaves.


1 Basal leaf cells distinctly papillose; awns not or weakly denticulate or serrulate at tips, distinctly papillose throughout. Niphotrichum canescens
1 Basal leaf cells not or faintly papillose; awns spinulose and serrulate, not or faintly papillose at tips Niphotrichum panschii
decurrent +  and inflated +
Ryszard Ochyra +  and Halina Bednarek-Ochyra +
(Bednarek-Ochyra) Bednarek-Ochyra & Ochyra in R. Ochyra et al. +
capillaceous +
flexuose +  and straight +
epapillose +  and papillose +
denticulate +  and not decurrent +
nodulose;oblate;quadrate;elongate +
divided +
Racomitrium subg. Niphotrichum +
2;3;2;numerous +
papillose +
linear-subulate +  and tuft-like +
undifferentiated +
naked +, plicate +  and smooth +
lobed +, lacerated +, mitrate-campanulate +, mitrate +  and cucullate +
small;large +
smooth to somewhat +  and sulcate +
obloid;cylindric +
thick-walled +, sinuose +, not sinuose +  and thin-walled +
yellowish +  and hyaline +
quadrate +  and rectangular +
enlarged +
subpercurrent +
North America +, Europe +, arctic and temperate Asia +  and Atlantic Islands (Iceland) +
thick-walled +  and sinuose +
ovate +  and ovatelanceolate broadly canaliculate +
muticous +, acute +  and rounded-obtuse +
long-subulate +
piliferous;obtuse;acute +
cribrose +  and perforated +
lanceolate;linear +
in R. Ochyra et al., Cens. Cat. Polish Mosses, +
frisvoll1983a +
yellowish +  and blackish red +
sinistrorse +  and erect +
papillose +  and smooth +
short to long +
ornamented +  and smooth +
globose +
Canescentia +  and Racomitrium sect. Canescentia +
Niphotrichum sect. Niphotrichum +
Niphotrichum +
section +
divided +